Emeldi Commerce®

A truly convergent Omni-Channel Commerce & CRM Platform

Emeldi Commerce® enables Telco Operators to address some of the key challenges in Telecom’ Digital
transformation and effectively close the gap between all sales channels, providing a consistent and
continuous experience to end-consumers and users across all lifecycles and touch points.The core of
Emeldi Commerce® is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) built upon a highly scalable and fully
modular Open API microservice architecture focused on robustness and horizontal scalability while
delivering greater agility and operational efficiency aligned to modern devops principles.

CPQ – Service & Care

Sophisticated commerce & care functionality covering E2E commerce and self-care processes through
all channels. Facilitates definition, administration, and mapping of complex product relationships,
pricing rules, and eligibilities tailored to CSP use cases enabling lightning-fast time to market.
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Omni-Channel CRM

The Emeldi Commerce® 360° customer view provides a continuous customer experience powered by a unified data-capture engine in support of the key activities of acquiring, retaining, understanding, and collaborating with your customers across all channels. Cohesive customer relationship management delivered by one application platform.
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Order Management

Leverage consistent catalogue-driven hardware & service ordering, provisioning, and fulfillment
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Enterprise Product Catalogue

Manage all physical products and digital services in one place – providing significantly reduced time
to market for the introduction of new products, services and campaigns. Learn More


With the Omni-Channel platform operating as sole data-capture engine, CSPs are able to track customer
engagements through different channels and glean a better understanding of customers and their
needs.Through its unified Analytics engine, customer journeys may include Omni-Channel assisted and
proactive care, personalized customer interactions and offers, and improved targeted marketing
campaigns. Learn More

Industry-Recognized Solution

Emeldi Commerce® is a niche telecom disruptor according to Gartner. Gartner has featured Emeldi
Commerce® among the leading digital commerce and CRM vendors 4 years running:

  • The Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2014 – present
  • The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide
  • IT Market Clock for Digital Commerce
  • Digital Multichannel IT Solutions for CSPs, Worldwide

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