Emeldi Commerce® features

Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel is an unified telecommunication industry specific digital commerce solution that delivers end-to-end customer lifecycle management and a full set of sales and care processes.

Our Omni-channel platform enables consistent customer handling across all customer touchpoints leveraging all the aspects of unified “any channel, any service on any device” interaction with customer.

Telecommunication industry specific solution

We believe, there are several key building blocks in digital commerce solution, which require industry specific design and architecture approach in order to meet customers’ needs while fully leveraging solution benefits. This approach makes us different from our competition:

  • Our product catalogue and business rules management engine fully support CPS related products & services including comprehensive product bundling functionality
  • Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel solution supports full set of CPS related sales & care processes covering the whole end-to-end customer lifecycle

Omni-channel platform

We understand that customer experience becomes a key differentiator in the highly competitive telcom market. We are fully focused on helping our customer to enhance their end-customer experience. Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel solution enables:

Consistent customer handling across all touchpoints – Customer uses same process to manage account & service portfolio in any available communication channel (eSales, eCare, mobile application, retail store, call centre, etc.),
Interaction between the touchpoints supporting cross channel interface (e.g. submit order in eSales & pick up in retail store)


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Digital commerce domain centric architecture

We see and follow industry trend of Internet being the key interaction channel for telcom operators’ customers. Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel solution helps our customers to undergo transformation journey from standard CRM domain centric architecture to digital commerce domain centric architecture moving sales and customer care process into online world. The digital transformation is the key driver for:

  • Leveraging benefits resulting from Omni-channel approach – with key focus on customer experience enhancement,
  • Increasing market behaviour reaction flexibility – by acceleration of new products & services introduction.

Standard telco backend systems integration ready

We are fully focused on providing solution which delivers to our customers optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enables fast introduction of new products and services. For that reason, Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel solution contains set of out-of-the box generic integration connectors, which enables simple integration to the customer’s IT environment.

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We understand that digital a commerce channel’s look and feel is one of the key aspects in differentiating the customer from its competition and an important factor in contributing to overall end-customer experience. Emeldi Commerce® Omni-channel solution uses Liferay Portal technology in order to allow flexible handling of online channels front-end design.

For more details on Emeldi Commerce® see our product whitepaper